The 10th ICFP Programming Contest: Faq

July 20 - 23, 2007

If I use more than one language, and I win, what language will receive the declaration?
The winners may choose what language they wish to honor.

Isn't the description of compose wrong? It looks like the RGB values of the resulting pixel can overflow? For example, what if r0 = 255, r1 = 255, and a0 = 0?
No, such values cannot occur due to premultiplication. If a0=0, then r0 will always be 0 as well. This is due to the definition of currentPixel in Figure 20, where r_c is multiplied by a_c (which is 0).

Is the second example in Figure 21 (line 226) wrong?
No, b is defined to be black, not blue, on line 223.

During matchreplace, what is the cost for asnat?
The function asnat is cost-free. You may assume that every operation for which no cost is specified is cost-free.

Can we register multiple teams to test our prefixes?
Individuals may only be member of a single team and teams may not divide or collaborate with each other once the contest has begun. We may disqualify teams that use multiple registrations for prizes.

Could we get an execution trace of Endo's DNA?
We have prepared an execution trace of the first 10 iterations.